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Delhi Daredevils – #IPL7PervView

by Naked Cricket

Forget this years’ squad or those in the last 6, they have little to do with the results.

The problem’s with the DD management and whoever’s been advising them, at the auctions and on the ground.

In IPL-7, they have arrived once again at their worst overseas’ buy ever – Ross Taylor. DD spent an entire season playing him into form, what they got in return was less than nothing.

Then they buy Murali Vijay, a player that CSK/BCCI/India Cements/MSD in spite of their unwavering commitment to, did not retain. Seems obvious why, Vijay has a strike rate of 66 (in ODIs) and 98 (in T20Is). In the previous season, he did enough to be benched instead of Saha but continued to play.

Buying Vijay, like Taylor, is a gamble of Caesars Palace proportions, even poor Valthaty would’ve fancied his chances.

And just when you think they can’t funk anymore, they pick Saurabh Tiwary. And Dinesh Karthik for an arm and a leg and a breast. 

Like Taylor, BossDK was part of DD, once upon a time. As was Parnell, he just never played for them. 

And didn’t Manoj Tiwary start with the Daredevils too? Why didn’t they go after Shikhar Dhawan and Gautam Gambhir? Retention sucks.

When all of T20 is going orthodox legspin, they go Rahul Sharma and Nadeem, and expect Duminy to be the offie. There’s Jayant Yadav, who goes at 4.5 rpo but when did this bunch take a leap of faith with a rookie – oh right, they did once, and that was also Murali Vijay’s Big IPL audition with a hundred.

Two games, Duminy is yet to be dismissed – 52*(35) vs KKR, 67*(48) vs RCB, bowled 5 overs for 35. 

Before this for SA, Duminy scored 39, 86*, 12, 5, 45* in the World T20, bowling in every match. Duminy bats for both South Africa and Delhi at five.

Duminy,  de Kock, Ross Taylor, Parnell, Neesham, Nathan Couter Nile and Mohammad Shami are all part of their country’s T20I squads.

Add to that, Vijay, Karthik, Unadkat, both the Tiwarys, Rahul Sharma, Shukla, all who have played for India in some format, and you have a team that would’ve done well in a spinless IPL.

Luteru Ross Poutoa Lote Taylor, with a name like that, would’ve been better suited in the SLPL. Two pointless knocks, the odd drop, he seems as distanced from the cricket (and entertainment) as Lalit Modi.

And by now DD should know better, no Kiwi ever did them any good, not Ross Taylor nor Daniel Vettori.

But with a win after 7 defeats, stranger things could happen. Like a Kiwi winning it. When’s the DD vs RCB game in Bangalore?

13th May.

1 de Kock
2 Mayank Agarwal
3 Dinesh Karthik
4 Duminy
5 Ross Taylor/Neesham/Parnell
6 Manoj Tiwary
Kedar Jadhav
8. Nathan Couter Nile
9 Rahul Sharma / Nadeem
10 Unadkat
11 Shami

Bad Year: Ross Taylor played on but Andre Russell  stayed on the bench


Bipolar Cricket

by Naked Cricket


KKR – #IPL7PervView

by Naked Cricket

This team has more baggage than Louis Vuitton. Most of the Final  XI are no longer part of their national squad.

Skipper, Gambhir, has a team of amazing has-beens. The very reason for this team is the nostalgia they serve at the post match party.

The memory chest overruns with Gambhir and Kallis on top.  Manish Pandey was the first Indian to score an IPL 100. Uthappa hasn’t done much since he doffed his imaginary hat vs. Pakistan in 2007. Yusuf Pathan.  Where do you start with Yusuf? You could ask his dad? Or Irfan? Or speak to his chewing gum. They all will have a tale to tell.

“..and what a time it was, it was...”

And if this wasn’t enough, there’s the Blast-from-the- Piyush Chawla.

If only these guys could play in sepia.

But all play they will, for Gambhir has to prove them wrong. The Avengers come to mind. Only KKR does not have an A in it.

But there is thought to this team, and it challenges Gambhir, Yusuf, Uthappa, Chawla – to start thinking, from has-beens to wannabes to will-bees, to who knows, maybe even a Beatle. Chawla would be Ringo. Gambhir, Lennon. Uthappa, Paul. And Yusuf, George.

Vinay Kumar would be the 5th Beatle.

But what will Umesh Yadav be? From being India’s go-to bowler, he’s either injured or benched, even Varun Aaron’s beamers play before him.  Yadav has played only 1 T20 international.  Ishant Sharma has played 14, going at 8.63 runs per over, 8 wickets, average 50. Their IPL numbers though are woefully similar. As are most Indian medium fast types.

Other firangs have their own baggage: Shakib, KKR barely play him, not foreign enough for them.  Should be their first overseas’ player.  Kallis started with Wasim Jaffer and Chanderpaul in RCB’s famous Test Playing IPL team. Since then, he’s retired from Test cricket. Kallis can bat, bowl and grow hair. But in spite of all his greatness, there’s way too much method in his batting to be your go-to-T20 batsman top of the order. Can’t you see that dot played straight to cover with that beautifully angled bat?

Andre Russell inhabited the DD bench more than Tiwary, India’s. And when Russell did play, he bowled that one over, that invariably was his last.  Morne Morkel was dropped by DD for a qualifier/semi-final/Eliminator ; yeah, one of those things, when he was their top bowler. And he’s seen some bad days in the IPL, bowls length, almost as readily as Ishant. Gets hammered, like Ishant. But can run through the batting, unlike Ishant. But if you watched him slide and sort-of-field, your heart with bleed for the turf and his limbs in equal measure.

And then there’s Sunil Narine, who doesn’t quite fit into this team but won them the tournament, outsourcing it’s called.

Likely Playing XI (batting order)
1 Gambhir
2 Kallis
3 Manish Pandey
4 Uthappa
5 Shakib
6 Yusuf Pathan
7 Ryan Ten Doeschate / Chris Lynn / Cummins / Morne Morkel
8 Piyush Chawla
9 Narine
10 Vinay Kumar
11 Umesh Yadav / Bisla

KKR could make the playoffs, either for the top four or the bottom two: depends how far can one man’s belief in his jaded army can take them?   


From MI to MIK - Mumbai Indians (Keepers) #IPL7PervView

by Naked Cricket

Why Dinesh Karthik was not retained by the Indians is a mystery – he could have been the standby wicketkeeper for the other five in the squad.

Ben Dunk(26), CM Gautam(27), Ambati Rayudu (28), Aditya Tare(26), Sushant Marathe (28) are the five keepers on board.

At 28, Karthik also falls into the favoured age grouping of MI keepers, 26-28.

But Karthik was picked by his old team, the Delhi Daredevils, who prefer buying their discards (Ross Taylor’s in too) just so that they remember why they didn’t retain them in the first place.

But this is not about Delhi and Mumbai, this is Mumbai vs. Mumbai.

As always, Mumbai’s dugout outclasses those off the bench – SRT, Kumble, John Wright, Anita Ambani and the numerous kids she will pose with.

What does MI have other than their five wicketkeepers?

Rohit Sharma. Captain. Defending Champion. Pout-face. Dot balls on top will be vital in playing out the power play without taking undue risks. Followed by a brainfade in over 6.2, batting on an accomplished 28 (26), 1 6, 3 4s. Is best suited for four, but will open. But he’s captain, should bat at four, this is not Team India.  

There’s Pragyan Ojha, who is now resigned to not playing for India again, yet again.

Ojha has played 6 T20Is – how he squeezed those many can only be attributed to Bhajji taking off for his recording duties.

He played these games between June 2009 – June 2010.

The rise of Ravindra (a.k.a Jadeja) ended whatever faint hopes Ojha might have had; and unless he can quickly acquire a tag as flash as Sir, say Menial, this could be it.

Also, ever since VVS retired, Ojha has lacked the same deranged motivation in his running.

Ojha, who should be MI’s strongest spinning link, could go missing this season.

Which leaves us with Harbhajan Singh. Yes, he’s still playing cricket.

Michael Hussey will open the batting, and I envisage, the Mathew Hayden of old (make that very old) in his last season making a guest appearance – he could also be possessed by Ponting’s last Waltz last year.

There’s Malinga, who if he’s not captaining, and not taking orders from others, will not be able to dish out Yorker-Fries outside off that even The Greatest IPL Player Of All Time, Dhoni, was unable to counter. To err is Divine.

Zaks, if he’s back from the French Riviera again, will look leaner yet again. He will play initially, and half way through the season he won’t.

Corey Anderson and Keiron Pollard of reputations so great, the IPL will bow before them.

How Corey Anderson goes will decide MI’s season, or maybe it won’t, but I think it could. He should bat no lower than four, ideally at three.

MI though, has in the past been reluctant to bat Pollard anyway higher than eight, though I recall he did come in at seven once, but had to return for a photo-shoot.

Hell, Santokie may not get a game. But Bumrah could, and with that mad-hatter action, will be the best thing for MI this season.

The Playing XI: (batting order)
1 Michael Hussey
2 Rohit Sharma
3 Corey Anderson
4 Ambati Rayudu
5 Pollard
6 Tare / Gautam / Marathe*
8 Zaks / Bumrah / Shreyas Gopal
9 Bhajji
10 Malinga
11 Ojha

*Could play away games too. 

MI won't win this season. They don't have a reason.


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