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Guest Work

by Naked Cricket


Tarun said...

SA can no longer lay sole claim to being 'chokers'.

England, Pakistan, Windies and India have all suffered 'choking' batting collapses in this Cup.In fact, India have made a habit of it, having done it thrice now.

Wrt India's 'batting stregth" there is an inherant contradiction.

1)If you have such a good batting line up, why do only a couple of them fire in each match?
2)This is probably connected to point 1) above: if the batting is so good, why do the need 7 batsmen, why can't 6 of them be relied on to do the job?

In any case, they collapse in large numbers, so maybe having 6 will help them realise that there is no endless line of backup guys to follow and bail them out.

Imran Khan talks about the need of specialists to do the job in crunch situations. ^ specialist batsmen ( including Dhoni)and 5 specialist bowlers should be able to do the job.

The need to have 7 batsmen seems to indicate an insecurity about the cnsistency/ability of your top 6 to do the job,

kamalpreet kaur said...

I agreed to the above writings and the comment.
That's all about .
Thank you for sharing this information