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Toss away the toss

by Bored Member

by Ottayan

Idea Cup – India vs. Sri Lanka One-Day Series

Going by the results of the last four ODI’s, the toss has been a decisive factor and the team batting first has inevitably emerged as the winner.

Furthermore, a majority of the ODI’s played in the Indian sub-continent have reflected this trend. However, this trend is detrimental to the game as it may cause both the teams and the spectators to lose interest.

Coincidentally, panelists were discussing the same problem on television. One of them quoted Tony Grieg as saying that ICL is to experiment with doing away with the toss for matches involving the same teams.

To elaborate, if two rivals were to have a set of four matches, the option of batting first will alternate between them. In essence, during the set of four matches, both teams will have two opportunities to bat first.

The only draw back appears to be that this is plausible only during a set of matches between two teams. The problem remains for the vast majority of the matches.

So is doing away with the toss, the right solution?


Anil Singh said...
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Gaurav Sethi said...

ott - let's say we drop the toss, what then in a five or seven match series?

Frankly, this one needs a think. could be some merit in it - esp in aimless ODI encounters that are largely governed by the toss.

Personally, I like the toss. Esp when it helps win you a series.

Trideep said...

According to Greig, in a 3 match series, u have a toss. Then in the next match the team which won the toss in the 1st match, forfeits the toss. And then in the 3rd match we have the coin again. At first thought it sounded ridiculous. But then we might be onto something here.

Viswanathan said...


I agree it is not 'the' solution.

However, the additional info provided by Trideep makes it viable.

Viswanathan said...


Good one.

Ankit Poddar said...

i really don't remember the series, but sunil gavaskar had this suggestion of doing away with the toss.

his theory was: the home team in a bilateral series, has an advantage of preparing grounds and pitches according to their advantage (i think he must be talking about tests then, but too bored to remember now,) so the visiting team should by default have the say as to what they want to do first.

btw this toss thing reminds me of the times, when we used to hate tosses in our gully games.

it was this peculiar thing of winner takes all, whosoever wins the match, wins the toss for the next one.

this one's better than sunny's or tony's?

Viswanathan said...


Sunil's suggestion makes sense. However, no home side will willingly surrender the advantage.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Ankit - recall that arrangement, another one for vm's cricket invention gallery.
gully cricket is simplified, some lessons there.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too sure about this. Actually, off late I've been a bit skeptical about introducing changes to the game. Yes, there are problems with one team continually winning the toss, and using that advantage, but that adds to the charm of the so-called unpredictable game. I wouldn't mess with it.

Viswanathan said...


You mean you prefer some predictability in the unpredictable game. :)

Soulberry said...

nah...toss is the commencement of the great uncertainity this game is. me want toss and me want India to win toss. Lanka woould have wanted to win as well...but that's how it goes.

let no one suggest that the toss decided the series...that just plain, well....

In a way like saying the umpiring decided the test series...the difference is, with a flippin coin you havce equal choices but with a flippin' umpire you could have weighted answers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ott. :) The predictability that makes us call it unpredictable.

Scorpicity said...

Day and night matches are definitely not working... the advantage one team has is too wide. Ought to be scrapped.

Gaurav Sethi said...

scorpi - night and night matches for you then