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52 overs too many?

by Gaurav Sethi

BPXI declares at 292/4, setting the Aussies a surreal 434 (52 overs). Play yourself into form, Punter. We want you to score some test runs in India.


RajaB said...


Anything above would give a good reason for the Punter to go for the toss (with Kumble) with his collar up...

Soulberry said...

Aye, Punter played himself into some rare form. He got a fifty!

Anonymous said...

On the other hand Naked,we got Katich and Hayden early in both innings.

So lets break this down then - in both innings , the BP XI beat the crap out of the Aussie bowlers; the Aussie batsmen just about barely got past the follow on mark in the first essay; both the Aussie openers are showing signs of rust.

BP XI scores in excess of 4 rpo in both innings. Look at Australia's rpo.

The punt was to make further inroads into the Aussie psyche - a result was never on. And the quality of the fast bowling resources India has for the Tests will be a step up from Pathan and Gony.

All boxes have been ticked as far as India's expectations for the game where.

Ponting getting a 50 is neither here nor there- he got a 41 in the first essay and that tells us what?


Gaurav Sethi said...

homer - inclined to agree with you, yet punter and pup full stretch fwd to the spinners is the image that stays. that and the 6s.

the rpo differnce is a v telling point, who would have called that?

Doubt anyone after langer, has engaged hayden as an opener - he's on his own.