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Anonymous Confessions

by Bored Member

All his friends hate him
And his foes berate him
And you won’t be caught dead
with him
Even if you’re the last living souls
on earth

They say
He has no soul
People call him an asshole
And if he was in England
He may not even get Dole!

They called him Lord Snooty
Because he didn’t drink after duty
With freckle faced white English Boys!

They say
When he hangs loose
He only hangs with Tendulkar
And at times with Sachin
And in between times with R!

Are you surprised?
Are you bemused?
Have you ‘bused him enough?

Who’s he?
Who’s he?
Who’s he?

Look inside yourself, child
Ask for forgiveness, child
Confess your sins, child

Who’s he?

He’s that despot who’s a piss-pot you just can’t stand.

Forgive me, for I have sinned too.

(BCC! does not endorse these views, that is if they have any)


Viswanathan said...

Are we talking about Idi Amin? :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Last Kink of Scotland

Anonymous said...

I know who is this....

John said...

Nice. "freckle faced English boys" is especially nice.

Soulberry said...

Bravo young man! However, the English, I think, liked the young Ten-dool-kah - he was all so propah! That was till he turned out for Yorks...but they still like him whether he drank with the freckled Britty boys or not.

Soulberry said...

It is possible they mistook him for a pleasurable oriental Hoo-kaah,
but he turned out instead, to be quite an absurdly influential cheetah of cricket, did young Tendookaah.

Soulberry said...

Puhleez also add the label cricket songs (or whatever you choose to stic with) to each one of your composition - a humble request a la Kumble's to newspapers.

i have a link and it is no fun if it works only for one song. :(

straight point said...

sb...regarding labeling...gaurav has already done it at naked cricket...

sraghuna said...

Poor much reviled soul ... hmmm hangs with both Tendya & Sachin as well as R, despotic teetotaler has to be ... er ... Bongooglee!???

Anonymous said...

Ganguly...going to miss him...did anyone polarised opinion like the way he did?