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Are you colour confused?

by Bored Member

By Scorpicity

You have a team called India Green which has an outfit completely yellow.

Then you have a team called India Red which has an outfit all blue.

I have not seen India blue but am pretty certain their outfit will be turn out all red or pink if Mandira Bedi is lurking around.

Add to that a white ball which looks black... sometimes even green.

You are colour confused. So am I.

And just how many Ohja's are there in India? Looks like every Ohja in this country is playing cricket and playing well. Soon all fans will be singing

"ohja rey ohja yeh woh ohja, ohja rey ohja yeh woh ohja"

Remember that 80's song.

I'm getting back to the match and resume crying hearing V.B Chandrasekhar's commentary.

And no V.B. does not stand for that cool Victorian brewery company.

Naughty fellow that VB. I tell you.


Gaurav Sethi said...

scorpi - the CT is stir crazy. wait let me mute anshu again. no, let him speak.

man, the color coding is corny, but the uniforms are a tad better than ICL. I just noticed the mumbai champs have become the magicbricks mumbai champ. Maybe there was a .com somewhere in there too.

But yeah, the ohja's are all in there, funny song that. After the tests this is a grt stress buster. even the aussies should watch. maybe they'll go to balaji to figure out reverse swing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the uniforms looks good though... especially the yellow one. How about advertising all our cricket blogs on the ICL... you reckon they come cheap and we right nice thing about them.

Gaurav Sethi said...

the advt cost is the least of it. write nice things, huh?

Anonymous said...

seriously I thought I was colour blind or was wondering if it was time to change the TV :)

Anonymous said...

Hey RS... I will check out your blog... hard to believe I haven't been there yet... cheers

BTW, rohit is shaping out well ain't he?

Anonymous said...

NC... write things nice huh :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously - Greens in Yellow very confusing. Why call them India Green and give them a yellow uniform. India Red vs. India Blue looked like the old India vs. Eng from the 80s - uniform-wise.