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Sinking Captains of the Ship.

by Gaurav Sethi

Anil Kumble and Marvan Atapattu are two selfless skippers:

While Jumbo armed his way down the order after Bhajji and Zaks, Atapattu strolled in at seven down after Shane Bond.

But he still couldn’t wangle a strike rate - he scored no runs, of no balls. Granted that sounds confusing, but then so is Marvan. He plays for the Delhi Giants. Wonder if there are any “sets of muppets” there?

If so, then who’s the Joker?


RajaB said...

If the muppet question was directed at Bangalore... Yes, the head muppet was in audience.

If it is about ICL... No, they only have mitogens... Atapattu would only get happily emotional about them !!

Gaurav Sethi said...

raj, was it whaadoucal it cheeka

RajaB said...

whaadoucal... you got that right.

Another important point was that he was seated to the RIGHT of whaadoucal N Srinivasan !!

Is this whaadoucal Right place at Right time ?