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Deffered Live from Kotla

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

The high point of the days’ play was also the low point: when the players lay down in lieu of a bee invasion.

This was soon after lunch. Which begs the question, what did the players’ eat?

Was it the crap catered to the corporate boxes - Rs. 150 for a kebab roll with leather lining - Rs. 100 for a Keema Samosa - Rs. 150 for midget chicken sandwiches -Returning the rolls: Priceless

The beer was sold out. The cola was free.

In an adjacent enclosure a beastly kid ordered cola, cake and Ishant to take a wicket.

He was dressed in the Nike Blues. Altogether unlikable. I propose a one test match ban on him.

Later when I looked away, Sehwag took a wicket. Not to worry. I watched it seconds later on the live telecast. Which is deferred live, like this.


straight point said...

i think 600+ runs were too many for our bowlers too...

Gaurav Sethi said...

had they got any less, it would have been t20 field.