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The use of face paint in cricket

by Bored Member

Well, I was quite stumped when a 8 year old asked me about why and what these cricketers wear on their face. His questions was difficult. So I thought maybe I could use the help of our fellow bloggers in tracing its history and its accurate use.

From my memory, I reckon it started with Craig McDermott or Merv Hughes to compliment his mush. But am not sure. What I certainly know is that Allan Donald revolutionized it.

Originally meant to be some Zinc oxide moisturizer, for the sole purpose of attracting moisture to your nose, Allan Donald went on to state that it was his 'war paint' to scare the opposition. The other explanation is that it is a sun screen lotion to protect the players from the sun. I remember an article in the media making fun of it, after all it was ridiculous then and the notion of Indians using a 'Kathakali' mask in response to Allan Donald's scare tactics was common lore among the cartoonists desperately searching for 'bad' ideas.

15 years down the line, it has become a must for every player and the silliness quotient has not reduced one bit.

So what is it? Sun screen lotion or some dumb moisturizer.

You have Mike Hussey dumping an entire pack on only his nose, to compliment an animal which they take offense to when mentioned about.

And then you have these 'kunjoose' asian teams who share the entire pack among themselves rubbing it all over their faces, armpits and groins, where the casting crew will be spoiled for choice in who is to play the role of joker in batman. Shabby as hell.

So what is it for? If it is sun screen, then why only on the nose and if it is a moisturizer why apply it so shabbily all over your face, arms and legs especially since you already sweat.

The silliness quotient still remains.

Reverse swing?

Or are there any logical answers? Damm, I hate those pesky kids who ask difficult questions.


straight point said...

we tried to do it (coup) but could muster only one vote of each other :(

i dont know about others but richness of its use in oz team can be easily explained, the way they are playing cricket...

pehchaan kaun?

Soulberry said...

It was a mix of western and native science that brought in creams into cricket - protection from skin cancer was the suggestion by western science and damage-opponent-before-battle was the suggestion by native psychology espoused by tribal warriors. Australia took from both and applied onto their face...lo and behold! the ball swung, the opposition ran scared and they themselves were free of debilitating sunburn.

When indians, west indians, and lankans apply it, I laugh. They are trying to look fearsome and end up looking funny.

In their case it must be the psychology aspect only...their melanin offers great protection from cancer which the melanin-less do not have.

John said...

But how scary can Sachin look?? And Jayawardene??

Anonymous said...

Yeah SP... the votes were disappointing :). BTW

NC... we are just playing the fool... please edit off all the non-PG materials... its crap anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Actually I will edit da post this evening.

Anonymous said...

Good explanation SB... but the usage is puzzling.

Anonymous said...

Yeah John... rather silly ain't it?

Gaurav Sethi said...

what about sehwag and vass? not exactly strawberries and cream, is it?

Anonymous said...

NC... its strange.. I have googled this and no real concrete believable explanation.

Gaurav Sethi said...

scorpi... its strange.. I haven't googled this and yet no real concrete believable explanation.

notice you edited, was any offence taken? ;)

Anonymous said...

No offence at all... That's why it was shocking and edited it... what is happening to society these days.. I thought at least somebody will abuse me... none did :).

Anyway, thought since I have no idea on whether it is ok or not to be over PG levels... I downgraded a third rate post to a post...howzzzhat!