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It’s the fifth Day

by Gaurav Sethi

It’s the fifth day
Not quite a One Day
Not quite a Sunday
But it’s still the fifth day

If you must know
It’s a Monday
Better than any Sunday
Better than any One Day
It’s the Fifth Day

So take your one day
And shove it up a Sunday
It’ll be a done day
I’m off to my Monday


Anonymous said...

Am stuck here at home on Monday and am gonna watch the Indians collapse like they do on most Mondays... yeeeeah... its raining here too... perfect fifth day for some hair pulling.

straight point said...

i just hope you have enough hairs to pull scorpy... :)

sraghuna said...

Eyday is like Sunday,
Everyday is silent & gray,
In this Indian town,
That they forgot to bomb,
Everyday is like Sunday!!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

sraghuna - black humorissey