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Leaving it too late?

by Bored Member

By Q

Is Kumble leaving the declaration too late?

Is he waiting for Laxman to get 200?

Is he waiting to post 600?

With Mishra and Kumble in the side and Zaheer and Ishant bowling the way they have been bowling coupled with the hold they have over the Aussie batsmen at this time, I feel they should have declared long time ago.

Dhoni would have I reckon.

They are losing out on valuable overs to bowl Australia out here.


straight point said...

kumble is very very special gentleman...

Gaurav Sethi said...

if you heard SMG's dig at RD's declaration when SRT was in the 190s, doubt even MSD wouldn't have left VVS hanging -esp after he got into the 170s.

Reckon Kumble was always looking at 600. That's been the Indian way, eliminate defeat, then chase a victory down. That's cricket in the 2000s, another Y2K for us. No nation has the bowlers nor the heart for more adventurous declarations.

straight point said...

also the scoring rate of took care of perceived delayed declaration...

SG stop scoring brownie points please...thanks!

Anonymous said...

34 runs were added by zaheer and VVS in about 6 overs of which 28 was of zaheer's - why did it take VVS so long to score 6 runs :) RD's was the right decision - after all no one plays for stats or records - do they??