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by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

If you could choose

From Mohali
Which DA
Would you choose, HA!

Who's your Mohalida?

Would it be Master Record Blaster?
Would it be Master Skipper Dhoni?
Would it be Master Opener Sehwag?
Would it be Apprentice Bowler Mishra?


Who's your Mohalida?



straight point said...

i would choose mishra, not coz am from delhi...coz he effortlessly conveyed the message...its not as hard as you think...TINA...

Anonymous said...

Everybody, the TEAM INDIA!!

Trideep said...

Our own Dada

Srini said...

i would choose Dhoni...

Gaurav Sethi said...

the openers. Gng at well over 4 rpo in both innings, 70 off 14.2 in the 1st, and 182 off 39.1 in the 2nd. they come off, india comes off. sehwag smiles, gambhir smiles, india smiles. and if they don't come off, we know what happened in lanka.

but then, there was no msd in lanka either.

also, i suspect, the msd-sehwag equation is much better now. sehwag looked like one happy bunny thru the test - if sehwag-msd have figured something +ve, that's a big plus for ind crick. the new powers have aligned.

Anonymous said...

Dada... or it could have been a different result.