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Sachin Aala Re!

by Bored Member

by Q

Sachin Tendulkar has just become the first man to reach 12,000 runs in test cricket!

Quite an achievement that.

The Pontings of the world would say that they don't worry about individual stats and that they don't even know how many runs they have scored in their career.

But the Micheal Husseys of the world will tell you even their average to the 7th decimal point.

I am like the Micheal Husseys of the world.

I reckon I have watched majority of Sachin's 12,000 runs being made. I have been following since 1989 when a 16 year old went up against Wasim, Waqar, and Co.

19 years later and Sachin has done what I had been expecting for a long long time. Probably India and half the rest of the world were too.

Highest run scorer in ODIs
Most centuries in ODIs
Most centuries in Tests

And now...

Highest run scorer in Tests.

Whats next for Sachin Tendulkar?


Poshin_david said...

Same Question I'm asking What next?

Great man isn't he. Benn the backbone of Indian cricket for two decades and still ever so humble.

World will miss him when he decides to leave. And I mean Teribly miss him.

Plz. vistit me at,

straight point said...

where the next half of world is Q :)

Viswanathan said...

Oldest Test player?

Gaurav Sethi said...

now he'll work on the lead over punter and kallis.

Srini said...

can he reach 20,000 mark in ODIs :) ??

Q said...

Who holds that record anyway Ott?

Q said...

Kallis shud not be a worry. He seems over the hill to me.

Ponting - I dont think any lead will be enough to keep him away.

But 50 test centuries - I'd definitely like that.

And the 20,000 in ODIs - if he plays till 2011 thats definitely on the cards!

Viswanathan said...

I meant that sarcastically.

Anonymous said...

He has been my all time favorite batsman and nothing is ever going to change it so I don't care what is next, but I don't want him to keep on playing like Sunil just for records. He should continue to play for India until he can contribute.

Gaurav! SP! please remove this annoying word verification.

Viswanathan said...


Let me at first tell you that I am not an Gavaskar fan.

Secondly, Gavaskar did make and create a number of records, but not once was it felt he prolonged his career for creating one. (kapil comes to mind as an example of one who drew out his career to get to the highest number of wickets.)

So I believe you are off the mark, when you say Gavaskar continued playing for records.

Anonymous said...


Gavaskar was a great batsman, the world has seen very few batsmen who were technically so correct,in his last few years he was although still scoring runs but he was very slow in getting those runs and faced a lot of criticism from every corner.
He was about 38 or 39 when he retired.