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Shift Of A Decimal Point-ing

by Bored Member

- by Bhaskar Khaund

Darn , we gone and jinxed it.

Just when i was begining to think all those 12.3-Average taunts could hurt us , they have. Punter has gone and shifted that decimal point one place in this innings. It isn't right.

Speaking as a deci , I hope we go on to deci-mate this vi-deci threat and restore his series average back to normal. Play with true decimalice

For now Punter must be calling it ChinUpSwamy Stadium.


Gaurav Sethi said...

outstanding. not desi, but very deci

straight point said...

yes he DECIvd us brilliantly...

sraghuna said...

'Deci'sions required ... a 3rd seamer mebbe
Desi 'deci'sions to avoid further 'deci'mation at the hands of the P.Ricky
'Deci'bloggers raise the 'deci'bels,
Get the boys in blue to 'deci'pher their anguish.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Thanks Naked - Decinitely

Absolutely SP - you said it to the Straight DECImal Point

Sraghuna - very true. basically we need to do everthing possible to get the contest on to a more even and Deciprocal footing

Anonymous said...

rest be assured now that Punter will raise the 'deci'bel.