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Sky Report (From Mohali)

by Gaurav Sethi

4.57AM Anxiety-it's-gonna-rain attack

5.00AM Sky Report. Insert key into sky. Observe stars and lone moon.

5.01AM Retreat. Beating of follow?


Soulberry said...

Hi BCC! mole in Mohali!

CNN-AccuWeather say no rain...bright and sunny.

Are you sure you took your Raybans off? They can make the sky look a lot duller than it really is...especially the mornin after sky! :)

Have fun, tell us where you are and how you are clothed (for ID purposes from TV shots), and most importantly..try and conjure up a victory strategy and telepathize it to the 11 Indians on the field.

Viswanathan said...

Where are you? You are supposed to blog from the ground, not from the bar.:)

Anonymous said...

rain? ha to Otts... a 4am shot to witness 5 minutes... BTW good time to check those elusive punjabi chicks.

Whats with the crowds... oh let me guess... extremely overpriced tickets and bad facilities and they blame the fans.

Gaurav Sethi said...

sb - took a raincheck

ott - that's a laugh!

scorpi - none of the stands have any cover; acco 2 som, bindra's looking at it. n punter wants to play indoors. book cricket.

Anonymous said...

Exactly NC... no shades for the fans.. the TRP ratings for the series is excellent.