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Media or mother in law?

by Bored Member

by A Bisht

I begin with some folklore from north-western India:

In a remote village, a bossy woman lived with her daughter-in-law. Although her son and husband lived with them too, it's she who held sway over the entire family. One person who was always on her radar was the daughter-in-law. Like most mothers-in-law she used to point out flaws in almost everything her daughter-in-law did. As this woman took her role so seriously this reforming activity fast became a habit. The habit brought in her the ingenuity to find faults where they were none.

One day while her daughter-in-law was preparing dough for the rotis (bread made out of wheat flour), to be cooked for the dinner, she stared at her rather furiously. When the daughter-in-law reacted with a questioning expression, pat came her reply—why do you move so much while making the dough?

The reason for this story is to drive home the analogy between the bossy mother-in-law and the Indian electronic media.

Isn't it true that the Indian electronic media functions just like the mother-in-law? Doesn't it specialize in pointing out flaws in almost anything?

Sourav Ganguly announced his retirement this week. He gave a terse, to the point statement to the media. Whatever are the reasons behind the decision; if he has decided to quit the game; his decision should be respected.

And the announcement should be taken on face value.

But as the adage goes "Old habits die hard"; the media (e) which was at Ganguly's throat for not making way for the youngsters only a week ago; is now showing its concern about the future of Indian cricket after the departure of the fab four.

Youngsters who up to now seemed more than good heirs to the fab four legacy suddenly became unworthy.

It's high time the Electronic media start acting responsibly and shed this rather irritating habit.

[PS to Media: It's not all too hard to get rid off this anomaly—just make sure you watch your previously telecast programmes once in a while.]

What do you say?


Gaurav Sethi said...

AB - recommend a "Saas-bahu" cricket cartoon drama for BCC! that takes the piss of the electronic media.

They’re like the Aussies were last December, “a pack of dogs”. Guess tabloid journalism can be a real bitch!

Anil Singh said...

@ NC

It's amazing, only yesterday I was also contemplating a similar series. But on giving the idea a serious thought; I found that it needs elaborate planning like it needs a scriptwriter, a cartoonist, an editor. I mean a collaboration. Am I right?

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Well AB - thats the media innit..its all a big joke , some bigger , some smaller ...its those elusive TRPs

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Naked and AB - lets do it ..i'm on !

Anil Singh said...

@ Bhaskar

You're right Bhaskar.

But what about quality content.

Only solace is that we bloggers are bringing some sanity to this mad world of TRPs.

Regarding NC's idea, if we sit and discuss the idea. It has the potential to become a craze.

Anonymous said...

Good one Bisht... definitely has to be pointed out.. a pack of jokers who think the viewer cares whether a channel was the first to break a story or not.

Anil Singh said...

@ Scorpicity

Well said Scorpy.

To take this discussion further. majority of news channels, majority of news channels are showing reality show based programmes at prime time. If this in itself is not a vice; investing very little time to research the sensational stuff from these reality shows definitely is !