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What Do You Do?

by Bored Member

By Q

You are the captain of an international cricket team.

You are playing against the best side in the world.

Pre series talk is speculating your retirement.

You draw the first test.

You have had a bad year with hardly any wickets against your name and you have just played in only the 3rd test in your life in which you went wicketless.

Retirement talk hasn't stopped, only fuelled further.

You are old and have sustained an injury ruling you out of the 3rd test.

More Retirement talk is happening.

Your injury makes way for a new leg spinner and the ODI captain of your team takes over for the 2nd test.

The stand in captain, who has thus far been criticized for not playing as well in tests as he does as captain in ODIs, plays an inspiring knock of 92 and leads your team to a sizeable total.

The new young leg spinner, your replacement, picks up a 5-for, and leaves the number 1 team in the world 201 runs in arrears.

Your replacement in the cricket world is ready and your critics are calling for your retirement.

The stand in captain does not enforce the follow on and send out the openers to go attack and make merry.

Your team piles on the runs rapidly.

The stand in captain walks out to bat at the drop of the 1st wicket to continue the assualt and remains unbeaten on an aggressive 68 as he declares with almost half of the 4th day remaining.

Your replacement as captain of the test team is ready and experts are calling for your retirement.

Your side sends half of the number 1 side in the world back to pavilion with 370 odd runs still remaining to be chased.

Victory is your teams to have and will be had tomorrow.

In 8 days, there will be another test match. Your team is 1-0 up and you are fit again.

Experts will be calling for the new young leg spinner to be in the XI.

Your only way into the team is by replacing the new young leg spinner who took a 5-for on debut.

Your critics will be calling the ODI captain a more dynamic captain.

Your only way into the team will also replace as captain someone whose dynamic leadership played an instrumental part in your team's victory.

Calls for retirement are at their peak.

What do you do?


Anonymous said...

ignore critics, unka kaam he kehna. one bad test doesnt make anybody bad bowler....

one shud understand that eventually the legacy (leg spin and captaincy) are goin to go the usual suspects, so for the time being, the champion got to be in the team....

any questions ? warne was injured / banned, mcgill took 5-for, when warne returned mcgill was dropped!!

Trideep said...

he shud retire....

Anonymous said...

Bang your injured shoulder against the wall and stay injured.For the sake of country:)

Anonymous said...

And what should we make up of Ijaz Butt's idiotic comments at the age of 70 ? WOrthless and useless ? An old ass good for nothing ? PCB has no utility of him.....

And what do you guys make out of another useless fellow called Malik ? Shoaib Malik ? He is touted as Kafir on alleged marriage to an Indian girl....Ludicrous!!!

Get answers for this and then question about the Indian skipper....

Q said...

Buzzz we have answers for your questions.

About Lawson, Ijaz Butt just openly stated what all of Pakistan had been thinking - that the coach is useless. What Ijaz Butt has said is true, however it may not be the best timing to say it since Lawson will still be coach for atleats 2 series to be played out.

As for Malik, a lot of people have been calling for him to be replaced as captain and Ijaz Butt has said that his term ould be reviewed when his contract will expire in December.

As for Malik being called a Kafir for marrying an Indian girl - well the people calling him that need to be questioned cos marrying an Indian sure doesn't make one a kafir. Ad who Malik marries or doesn't isn't anyones business really.

See Buzzz we have no issues admitting who in the Pakistan ranks is useless and who isn't.

Ijaz Butt maybe 70 and his brain might be deteriorating but it sure hasn't deteriorated as much as your head who just wants to make it an India vs Pakistan thing.

My comments and Wasims for that matter are just based on our opinion that Mishra should be a permanent member and Dhoni captain. It has nothing to do with us being against Indians or Kumble.

Your hatred for us on the other hand is apparent and I think you should go back to the 70s cos thats where ur mentality belongs.

Anonymous said...

form or not is ok... I would be dammed pissed if he plays with an injury... btw welcome q, I missed the first post.

Q said...

Thank u Scorps..

Anonymous said...


Since Q has already responded, I don't have to say anything to your unprovoked anger.

Gaurav Sethi said...

I take an honest call on fitness, form and the present mood in indian cricket.

i do what srt would have done.

get fitter, stronger, and live to fight another day. wait this test out at least, however, do not make any public announcements till match day.

I remind myself i'm anil kumble.
And if I believe, I'm still good (like SRT believes) no matter what anyone says.

However, if I don't believe in myself, I get the hell out.

q, gng by msd's comments on his captaincy, team mgt's restrained praise on mishra (and his overall responsibility), appears Kumble will play, and possibly even captain again.

Wish Jumbo makes some good calls on this, and doesn't do himself in.

But i'm glad, the press aside, the team mgt (inc MSD) are backing Jumbo. He deserves no less.

But he's up against the MSD wave. which is even bigger than MSD.

Anonymous said...

Ah cmon Q, i hate you guys ? Self made opinion? or did you read anywhere as breaking news ?

I dont hate Pakistan bloggers or its cricket. I just like 2 drag thei feet a bit, if you take it as hate your problem, not mine....

i didnt take it as hate....puttin strgt forward points abt ur cricket is hate, then i cant help it....

and abt Malik, i read some of the comments on ur blog by some khansaab which said Malik as "kaafir"....neways no more fuel to the fire from my end....

if u happy with my statement, then lets have a beer / coffee / fosters n chill offff....i hope u accept my offer n i wud for sure mellow my language :)

Gussa chod bhi do mia....

Q said...

My only point Buzz was that when a question is asked abt Kumble, why did u have to drag Malik and Lawson and Butt into it? There are other threads doing the rounds for those.

As for ur offer... come down to dubai and i'll take u up on it.