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Dravid's Lease of Life & India's New Number 6

by Bored Member

By Q

Kris Srikkanth's latest statement means that Dravid will definitely play against England and probably against Pakistan as well, if that series takes place.

That means India need to look for only 1 additional batsman to replace Ganguly at number 6 in the batting line up.

Who is that going to be?

This should have been Yuvraj Singh's time, but he has made a mess of things and looks way down the pekking order now.

Rohit Sharma was in the squad against Sri Lanka but did not play and then was replaced by Badrinath in the squad for the Australia series. He too did not play.

Is it their time?

Murali Vijay looked very good partnering Sehwag at the top - maybe he could be drafted in at 6 in the test line up.

How about Vijay batting at 3 and Dravid moving down to 6? -I like this one!

Or will Dhoni look to be more aggressive, bat at 6, and add an additional pacer to the XI?

Whats your choice?


Soulberry said...

The way things panned out unexpectedly, I'll play Vijay at 2 or 3 (interchangeable with Gambhir) and bring Laxman up ahead of Dravid.

Unfortunately, all contender before Vijay emerged will have to wait.

If there is a second instinct calls for Pujara before others. Not that that will happen...just my call.

Q said...

I wouldn't separate Sehwag and Gambhir SB...

Sehwag, Gambhir, Laxman, Sachin, Dravid, Vijay - That could work..

OR Sehwag, Gambhir, Vijay, Sachin, Laxman, Dravid..

straight point said...

until unless they are asking dravid to play as normal player whose performance will be monitored as any other player i dont have problem with it...let him face the ignominy of getting dropped...coz if i was dravid and wanted to play say another year for india i would take voluntary rest from eng series and play in domestic games to freshen up and also away from media attention...

so i would take MV at 3 and RS at 6 simply coz MV has shown enough with both bat and in field that he can be the tempting choice...and RS simply coz he has much more international exposure and in good form...

Gaurav Sethi said...

q - i'd like a LHB in for Gang. Attacking bat, top of his game n mind, someone who'll make Eng bleed in India: Raina

sb - haven't watched Pujara yet, it'll take a 400 from him to get in.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the very question that's been on my mind for a couple of days! There are several possibilities. As for the batting line up, I wouldn't break up the Sehwag-Gambhir partnership. I also would not play Murali Vijay and Dravid in the same line up, unless they bat at #4 and #3 respectively. With Dravid seeming like a possibility at the moment, Ganguly's replacement is to be found. It isn't either Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj, or Badrinath. After seeing Vijay, I like all of them much lesser than when we first saw them. I like NC's idea of an attacking lefty with some technique. But if there isn't such a chap, I'll settle for Vijay.

Dhruvraj Singh said...

Too early to jump on M Vijay.

Rohit Sharma has been doing well, plus has performed on tour as well.

Best choice. And actually not choosing Rohit Sharma is criminal now.

Vijay is what Rohit was probably 6 months back, and he has given assurance but not so much to overpower Rohit's past and recent successes.

Trideep said...


A question that every selector will be asking himself.

Murali Vijay has only played 1 test. Cannot say he can replace Dada... Moreover he is an opener. I go with NC that we need a left-hander there.. I would go with Raina..and on current form... replace Dravid with Vijay or Rohit.

Q said...

SP I like your idea abt Dravid resting from the series.. with the amount of talent in India right now, I doubt anyone wud take that chance though..

Q said...

NC, Cricinfo seem to suggest that as well.

Btw, need to be proud Peon sahab - a BCC! idea of a post was picked up by Cricinfo last night:

Q said...

VM - why not Vijay and Dravid in the same line up?

Q said...

Trideep - 2 fresh legs in place of Ganguly and Dravid so soon would not be a good idea..

One replacement at a time i feel.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q - just u wait n see, next, the selectors will take heed. coz we're a friend in need.

rhymes aside, there's a lotta reason to this BCC!

Soulberry said...

sb - haven't watched Pujara yet, it'll take a 400 from him to get in.

Well gaurav, he's got a little over 300 of those 400 you want and is still going strong this season.

Yeah..and in a world record partnership. :)

The power of your suggestion was enough to motivate him! (chuckle)

PS. Bythe way how does one get emoticons in to Blogger...they could sometimes be useful.

Gaurav Sethi said...

sb, the suggestion came after the motivation. just so much tougher for some guys to get in, and some guys have all the luck!

Anonymous said...

Q, I see Vijay as a bit of a faster Dravid. That might be a huge compliment to Vijay and too early to say that as well, but having two technical batsmen in one line up may not be the best thing to do.

Q said...

I see what you mean VM but what I saw of Vijay, he seemed to be an attacking batsman who somewhat curtailed himself or rather was extra cautious since it was his 1st test. My observation may be wrong but the initial impression was such.