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Funky MSD is on

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

He’s the man with the golden touch
Too much!
Everything that he touches
Turns to trophy
The only trophy that he don’t have
Is a trophy wife

Funky MSD is on
Funky MSD is on

He’s the man with the golden heart
All heart!
Everyone that he touches
Turns to brave heart!
The only heart that he don’t have
Is a sweetheart

Funky MSD is on
Funky MSD is on

He's the man with the golden start
What a start!
Everything that he starts
Turns to fruition
The only start that he don't have
Is an upstart

Funky MSD is on
Funky MSD is on
Funky MSD is on
The ball.


straight point said...

NC i bet lots of heart will be throbbing for him...

gay gay gay gay sahbiba...

(that famous song) ;-))

would you believe what word verification i have got for this?


else 'n' co...


Q said...

I reckon for a guy who has so much going for him, a trophy wife or a sweetheart shud be kept as far away from him as possible..

He shud go the Imran Khan way..

Gaurav Sethi said...

very curious sp.

q - do elaborate, be a cool analogy

Q said...

I'll try elaborating as much as I can :-)

So we all know abt lady luck... it exists i think.. most men become luckier or their life shifts tracks for the better when the women in their life arrives..

For someone like MSD, who has tasted so much success already, he doesn't need lady luck.. in fact a women in his life may take the luck all away..

Just a thought ;-)

As for the Imran Khan way.. he married after retiring from cricket...

Anonymous said...

I had one on my site desperately wanting MSD's email. I felt like giving NC's :)

sraghuna said...

The Multi Splendorous Dhoni deserves all the trophy spouses/sweethearts that he gets, gender of said spouses be damned! He is indeed on the ball & needs to bust stress with some action in the sack thereby preventing blueing of subject ball!!!This is the respectful rapist ... just ask the Aussies jiski izzat loot li isne!
SP - Carrying Kumble on his shoulders doesn't really make him gay y'know ... unless, of course, you have info that rest of us arn't privy to! Pray tell!