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Ricky or Rahul?

by Gaurav Sethi

Whose white shoes would you rather be in?

Being barefoot in the park is not an option.


straight point said...

i would rather be in ricky shoes coz that being equal to being 'first citizen' of cricket... :)

Q said...

Rahul's cos his rosy future is at home on his sofa munching away in an air conditioned room while watching India play cricket on a large LCD screen...

Ricky's sad future is at the helm of an ageing team in decline, which he can do nothing about..

Definitely Rahul's white shoes, which will come off as soon as I jump on that cosy sofa to laze on front of the tele ;-)

Anonymous said...

Rahul's because he spits less and therefore his shoes are likely to be cleaner :)

Anonymous said...

Yikes. Hard one. Can I say neither?
@RS, you make me laugh. :)