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Terrorists Also Watch Cricket

by Bored Member

By Q

"The terrorists will never target cricketers, knowing that they will then lose the battle of hearts and minds of the people. Cricketers are safe in Pakistan."

That's what Imran Khan said recently.

Absolutely true, but he forgot one important thing.

Even the terrorists are cricket fans, so they'll be busy watching the matches from their caves rather than plotting bomb blasts.

Hence, in order to improve the security situation in the country there should be more international cricket being played there!


Anonymous said...

Am afraid this won't sell! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Did Imran Khan really mean that?? cos it sounds really funny!! W

straight point said...

...but even they don't like nz team...and given the way oz playing and whining...its irritating even to fan like, i am not sure about them too...

Anonymous said...

what a comment by Imran Khan....does tht suggest a nexus ?