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What the .. ?

by Bored Member

By Q

"This is ridiculous. India have no choice in the third Powerplay. Now England can choose all three. Very strange. And when England bat, they get the chance to pick the batting Powerplay. Thats just plain stupid logic. What is the ICC doing about such blunders?"

I am not watching the match so I'm not sure as to what this means? Can someone please help?

Why does common sense go missing when it comes to the ICC?


Anonymous said...

Q, in a D/L situation, it is complicated by itself how they manage to introduce powerplays and field restrictions. D/L is old and doesn't cover those.

maybe the chief admins should think about this law with the new powerplay rules.

England at the moment is only complaining.

Q said...

It was a farce i think.. England scored more than India yet lost..