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What’s gonna happen

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

Search me, if I knew, I won’t be asking. But who would’ve thought, the third day would reveal such a third class Aussie side. They can still win from here, but the ICC needs to look into it – and ensure they don’t. Anyone who plays as Australia did today, should be held morally responsible for the ill health of test cricket. It’s another thing England did exactly the same in T20. Exactly the shame.

Declaration of Aussie Intent
Bowl K-man early. Like Mendis would run in, in the 9th vs. a Sehwag gone awry. Then it will all pan out beautifully, or so you think. Even if you don’t know his name yet, try not to ignore the Run-out boy. He’s on a high, and K-man will tell you what highs can do. Just as you know only too well what lows can do. Ponting: two days left, think you can captain the side, other than talking some drivel about Sydney or whatever her name was. Use Watson, he’s lucky in India. Lee isn’t, still use him. When the spearhead becomes a slouch it spreads a stink. Humour Lee. Make him sing that duet he did with Asha Bhosle. Then Lee will be happy. He’s better like that. And may bowl a beamer or two. And ruffle some feathers, other than some double centurion’s hair.

Declaration of Indian Intent
Sehwag is life, yes. But there is life beyond Sehwag. However that doesn’t necessarily extend to Dravid. It does to VVS Laxman on most days vs. oz. Play with the batting order. Anarchy in the Aussie camp can be one of the side effects. Does MSD want to make up for that doomed paddle vs. K-man – what better way than coming up the order? However, do not reveal too much, too early (whatever that means) – let Aussie do the running, attacking, nail-biting – it’s a big ground, singles, couples and the occasional ménage a trois can be had.


Viswanathan said...

'ménage a trois'?

Q said...

NC, the Aussies couldn't do much against an 8-1 field with Zaheer and Ishant pitching it feets outside off...

Gaurav Sethi said...

ott - a threesome

Gaurav Sethi said...

q, did they even try?

given their approach, think they're scared shitless to lose the match, not the series.