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BCC! Bored Member goes CNN!

by Gaurav Sethi

Soulberry waxes eloquent on hairy Ricky, and the series down under. Naturally picked it up. Exclamations galore!


Soulberry said...

Thanks Boss! one more ! and one for the road !

Old men of Delhi need something to keep themselves warm in winters.

Koi kabhi-kabar taali peet de to is umar mein accha lagta hai...bus buddhe mein thodi sphoorti aa jati hai.

Anonymous said...

SB... to start with, you have a blog and so many posts that in all fairness should be featured under the sports section as those boxed special features. Seriously.

A site which anyway all of us here on this blogging network is very proud off but deserves to be known prominently to the world.

But I do think there is something you ought to know. Will email you tomorrow, when I have access to my outlook, rather than in a comment.