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But how fit is Yuvi?

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

Not mentally, but physically. Recall the SRT-YS match turning partnership at Chennai? Good. Recall how around the same time they all but keeled over, and ‘oh! My $@#% back!’ was nearly heard from the stump mike but snuffed out. Sure the humidity was 109% and it still didn’t rain, but back to that question, how fit is Yuvi?

Not physically, but mentally. Why would he go for gas to his papa’s petrol pump when the team bus is just a whistle away? And what type of tank takes two hours to fill? Sure free spirits are good, but a night before match day – is this the year of living dangerously? Or the year of living stupidly? But back to that question, how fit is Yuvi?

Not mentally, but physically. Recall that wunderbar ODI hundred last month – before he got all wonderful, didn’t he ask for his black belt? And then he (and we) braced ourselves for another collapse, but he came off, didn’t he? But back to that question, how fit is Yuvi?


Anonymous said...

Not physically, but mentally. Remember that stoic silence and determination to ignore anything pommie within 22 yards. And then he goes and pats Freddies bottom in this match. Why would anyone do that? But back to that question, how fit is Yuvi?

Gaurav Sethi said...

missed the bottom biz, what was that abt?

sraghuna said...

To paraphrase Dire Straits, Yuvi runs on Heavy Heavy Fuel!With that kind of a fueling any Punjabi Munda would get really FIT-SHIT boss!
Regarding patting a Flintstone posterior ... that draws a blank!!!

Anonymous said...

I think as Freddy was touching his toes Yuvi passed by and made a point of brushing his glove against Freddy's behind, no big deal but the camera's caught it and thought it was interesting enough for a replay. Freddy kinda got up and had another word with Yuvraj after that. Thank God Symond's wasn't around, we all know what might have happened next! What is this obsession with patting men's bottom's anyways?