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The curse of Chennai

by Bored Member

By Scorpicity

The curse of Chennai is back yet again to haunt cricket fans in what possibly could be yet another washout due to rains for the England test series. If India had spent millions just for this tour and moved boulders and mountains to convince the ECB, I wonder why a rupee cannot be spent on checking with the met department on the feasibility of play happening due to the weather at this time of the year.

Same old story over and over again.

There is rain folks now. When all the drama in Mumbai was happening, a cyclone had hit down south causing more damages to the property and perhaps even human lives and it all went away from the radar of the media. TRP's and the world's highest heart rate increasing word 'terror' is worth more.

When the Champions league was scheduled to happen in Chennai, folks here were in hysterics and mad at the same time with the BCCI for being stubbornly stupid beyond any reasoning. Even if there is no rain, there will be heavy dew, starting from the second week of December and peaking in January. In short, not a very conducive time to play cricket this time of the year in Chennai.

There was a depression warning a few days back, the second one after the cyclone. It is starting to rain again here and would be a miracle by itself that this test series is underway.

Or maybe it is one of those grand plans by the ECB and the BCCI to select a venue which is not conducive to cricket this time of the year and also considering the current 'terror' circumstances and it becomes easy for all to remain in their hotel room, not move an inch, the public gets fooled into buying non-refundable tickets and television rights contracts are also not breached since the series is happening as promised and everyone in the boards gets their money with out any mitigation fiasco.

Ticket sales will indeed be interesting this time around and primarily for the fact that the Chennai public has been bitten hard by loosing money in rain affected matches.

A long time ago, I read a weird news piece in the Hindu, on how in many places here, there was this ceremony of the 'marriage of the frogs' to bring in rain.

An actual marriage ceremony of frogs!

And invariably it rains in a few days after the marriage. A ceremony which cheats the simple minds into believing hocus-pocus fed by people who have knowledge on the elements, which they take to cheat to gain 'power' in society.

However the real BCC! is not fooled. Those cricket fans who want the match to happen in Chennai should do the following cunning strategies to reverse the karma for five days and invoke the Gods to do a 'reverse-miracle'.

Find all possible married frogs in the south and get them divorced!

Cunning isn't it?

Throw every applicable case at them... marrying a minor frog, marrying of the same sex, domestic violence, door-bell campaigns and everything including polygamy to reverse this karma.

The test match is likely to happen in this cunning, indigenous venture promoted by the BCC!.

Ah! I hear a few croaks now outside the window. I'm off now to save test cricket.


Gaurav Sethi said...

Frog a dead horse! Most ingenious.

The instant chennai was announced, indra's hotline rang.

why mohali, go to guwahati i say

straight point said...

i commented same on namya's blog exactly the same angle...of deliberately selecting chennai as the first test venue for the reasons you have stated aptly...

Anonymous said...

And thanks to pariah Jaggu Dada, Eden would remain the Paradise Lost to Indian cricket.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Eden NC.

Anonymous said...

Sp... who is namya and where is this blog. Do let us know.


Anonymous said...

Som, jaggu dada will be back in a year I suppose and Kiricket will be in yet another abyss.

Can't say the same about the fans in Kolkatta. Consolation is that they got Maradona. I wish I was there to see him :(.

straight point said... stupid of me i thought i have given the link...

check here...

Anonymous said...

Thxs SP... bTW folks, the frogs divorces worked.

The sun is shining brightly today!

Anil Singh said...

Scorpy, SP

If we have the same out of box, suspicious thinking in our investigations; we won't be pointing fingers at our neighbour, every time a bomb explodes in a market, temple, mosque or in South,North, east or west.

But when we investigate such incidents, we only seem to be possessing the index fingers. What a pity.

Anonymous said...


Am with you on this... am not buying anything at the moment on the political divides from both sides of the border... as it stands today, every aspect of the criticism on what happened in Mumbai has areas which looks totally farcial like the nanny with an express visa but at the same time, the other side of the story across looks equally filmsy.

So my mode is to not trust anyone's version of accounts with regard to this incident and will therefore put the view to not take any drastic political step in a hurry, until all aspects are clearly explained to the public.


Anil Singh said...

Right Scorpy

Rather than pointing fingers at one thing or the other, and generate religious passions the need of the hour is to do thorough investigation. And only investigations and not dividing rhetoric will serve any purpose. india suffered from repetitive terror attacks not entirely because of neighbours, but as India always had a scapegoat in one of its neighbours. And when a man hangs a puching bag in his home; irrespective of the reason, he always lands his blows on the bag.