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the good, the Athers and the ugly

by Gaurav Sethi

Things start to look bad for India when:

Atherton is in the box

Atherton blames Indian prawns

Atherton can’t tell the Arabian Sea from the Bay of Bengal

Atherton is still in the box

Atherton adds 125 to 75 and declares that the English lead is 200

Things start to look bad for Atherton when:

You mention McGrath and 19 in the same breath

You mention a test average of 37.69


Anonymous said...

I like the one on Mcgrath... what a bunny.

I can't believe what they said about the prawns... they are bloody good there. He must have stuffed some chettinadu variety and that must have burned his backside when it was being flushed.

Q said...

I cannot stand his voice!

Gaurav Sethi said...

scorpi, yeah, that was way off. sulked like a little girl. and he was gng on abt prawns that bumble ate.

Q, sure. he goes on like a drone.

Anonymous said...

good in commenting, horrible in writing, devil s foot while batting :P

Golden goose for Ambrose, Walsh and Pidge :P

Anil Singh said...

nice snippet NC


Don't use the word bloody. English are particularly touchy about this word.A couple of years ago Australian Tourism made an advertisement, which ended with a sentence containing 'bloody'; UK expressed great displeasure; Australia as expected; defended itself shamelessly; But after some drama pulled off the ad.

Gaurav Sethi said...

sam, the poms worship his batting, today's post lunch slow train was an ode to his batsmanship.

Gaurav Sethi said...

cheers AB. "you gotta be bloody stupid to drink and drive" that was an old aussie ad before X'mas.