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A missing link

by Gaurav Sethi

Ian Chappell spoke to soon. Top that he inked it too. Before SAF did Oz in at Perth.

"Contrast that with the growing self confidence in the Indian team, which is greatly enhanced by achieving a miraculous run-chase victory over England in Chennai. South Africa found themselves in a similar situation at the WACA but failed to unearth the belief they could pull of a stirring victory."


"South Africa also had their chances but they didn't have the self belief"

The links gone missing. But not Ian. He can be found in his own world.


Anonymous said... are relentless...

straight point said...

nice dig...hope he returns soon to reality...

get well soon chappelI...

Q said...

I wonder how many people ripped him apart after that comment of his!

Gaurav Sethi said...

quite incredible, this piece appeared in Ian Chappell's Hindutsan Times column y'day. By evening it wasn't on their site.

Q said...

But NC its still all there on Cricinfo...

Go here:

And see what Chappell says everyday of the test..

Here are some:

"Australia won the toss, batted first and I think they will be pretty pleased with the situation. They look as though they are going to post South Africa a target of around about 350,"

It was more than that and still not enough..

"This shows something in the South Africa attack that is missing; it's a good pace attack but lacks an intimidating factor to it."

What about Australia's?

"I just don't think that there is enough belief in this South African side. They hope that they can beat Australia but I am not sure that they believe that they can. I don't think they will and I think Australia are now in a position of great strength, finally, in this fluctuating Test match"


"South Africa require 187, they are only three wickets down, but the thing to remember is that the last three or four wickets aren't going to net South Africa too many runs. So their top-order players have got to get the runs for them.

Should be a great day, you would expect Australia to win from here."

Yeah yeah expect all you want!

And then after the match:

"In the end, South Africa were way too strong."

How things change.. attack lacks intimidation, SA lacks belief, yet they were too strong..

These experts I tell u..

Gaurav Sethi said...

Thanks Q.