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Pakistan Cricket- Neutral Venues are the way to go

by Bored Member

by Ottayan

Pakistan’s effort to get teams to play in their country has been hitting road blocks one after the other. The latest country to shy away after agreeing appears to be Sri Lanka.

According to reports:

“SLC is now insisting that they want to delay their proposed tour of Pakistan by three weeks and reduce it to two Tests, three One-day Internationals and twenty20 game”.

The SLC’s demand for rescheduling the series has created another headache for PCB, as Pakistan has to tour Bangladesh from March 3.Any rescheduling would now mean clashing of dates with the Bangladesh series.

Though one understands the political imperative behind Pakistan’s desire to stage matches in their own country, it is time PCB impresses the Pakistan government that these frequent cancellations and postponements are doing irreparable harm to the nation’s image and its cricket.

It is time Pakistan looked at neutral venues seriously and not as a stopgap affair. Surely, once Pakistan shows this flexibility, the other countries will be shamed into touring their country.

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Anonymous said...


bad for paki cricket...

Q said...

I think there's food for thought there.. hosting matches in the UAE will be like home cos of the crowds plus i know that the boards in the UAE are willing to share ample revenues with the PCB and not even charge them that much so even economically it makes sense.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Believe, in this problem, there's an opportunity to take cricket overseas, places with a strong Paki presence, and not just the Gulf, how about the UK, how about exciting new neutral venues - Venice anyone? Cricket on water.

Q said...

Thats a thought NC.. Venice, Vegas, Amstredam.. that will bring in the crowds too!