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The pusherman and his crying game

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

Asif broke down. For a change it wasn’t on the field. It was on TV, where sultans of swing love to cry baby cry. Thankfully they don’t blow their noses. Or the hosts.

Many moons ago, Kapil Dev made pearls of wisdom out of his tears. That was in reply to some polite match fixing queries.

This time Asif boohooed to defy the drug store that he hangs out with. Last spotted, the pusherman infected the Delhi Daredevils. And even though it was only T20 and IPL, goddamn it, it was a family outing – many kids were watching their first game when they saw him bowl to the 9s rpo. You can forgive him his stash, but bowling so costly - that too when he was so pricey?!

Pak may forgive him, doubt the daredevils will. Funny coz in Asif they signed on one helluva dumb daredevil. But then, what’s in a name?


Anonymous said...

Tears today, old habits back tomorrow and more fun for us to see....

Some guys never improve :)

Anonymous said...

I guess the TRP of that channel (Geo?) must have shot through the roof! Masking drugs is an art -- ask Indian lifters -- but tear-shedding is not one.

straight point said...

actually he wanted to 'tear' apart pcb for his non selection...

Gaurav Sethi said...

true sam.

som, more like geo mere lal.

sp, SOB - each one of them.

Anonymous said...

"How to escape controversies in cricket"

Cry on national television

True story endorsed by Kapil Dev and Mohammed Asif.

I only wish that even Azharuddin cried, perhaps he will still be playing weaving all that magic.

Gaurav Sethi said...

scorpi, rumour has it that even bijjli is yet to see azza emote.