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Temple of Dhoom

by Bored Member

By Q

Rajnikant, the South Indian actor has a temple made after him in India. His fas worship him. He is God of the South Indian film industry.

I think there's one for Amitabh Bachchan as well but I may be wrong. He is God of Bollywood.

There may have been one for Shahrukh Khan as well but probably cause of his religion and the sensitivities there isn't one.

Sachin is reverred in India and he truly is God. But does he have a temple? Not sure. I won't be surprised if he does though.

All these men have spent their lifetimes at the top of their respective careers. They have been the best among the best and have remained at the top spot for years.

Their followers and worshippers I can understand.

But Dhoni?

The guy is awesome. Agreed.

He has won matches for India against the top teams. Agreed.

He has led India to a world cup title. Agreed.

He has taken India to a level never seen before. Agreed.

He is on his way to becoming the greatest Indian captain ever. Agreed.

But this is just the start.

Only a year and a half ago you guys were stoning his house.

And today your building a temple for him?


Anonymous said...

he is definitely got built in leadership qualities...and is improving by the day behind the stumps as well...

great future ahead for India under him...

Q said...

UTP - Agreed!

But a temple?

Sandesh Kumar said...

I don't know when are we Indians going to stop doing these silly things.... This is really embarrassing. C'mon guys get over this....

Anonymous said...

indian fans

Anonymous said...

Thats India and Pakistan for u Qji

Som said...

Q, I think MSD learnt it from Tendulkar. Remember the immortal Tendulkar saying about turning stones into milestones?

Q said...

Som, he sure has turned those stones into milestones!