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This is India Dammit!

by Bored Member

By Q

I think England blew it.

Sure it hasn't been done before. Sure no one has chased over 300 in the 4th innings in India to win a test match. Sure no one has scored over 200 in the 4th innings in Chennai to win a test.

But this is India.

This is MS Dhoni's India.

This is the India in which Sehwag & Gambhir open.

They can do anything.

Ask Gary and he will tell you as well.

You set them 387 in 120 odd overs and you expect to win?


Sure you do but this is India dammit!

Its the India that goes at 9 runs an over at the beginning of an innings.

For 7 overs!

Even after 9 overs it goes at over 7 and a half!

Its a test match remember?

Its the 4th innings of a test match!

You should be looking to save the test.

Bat like a wall for 120 odd overs.

But the wall is cracking.

You need to play the new game.

The Sehwag game and smash yourself to victory.

And Sehwag will. India will.

Any doubts?


straight point said...

what we saw was magic cricket...sehwag has put india on advantage and the onus is now on our famed batsmen to carry on the momentum...jst forget this is fifth day easy with flintoff and rest didn't even looked taking wicket...

250 odd runs nine on...

Anonymous said...

Rubbish stuff!!!

The game is on!!

And we would either save or win rathr than loose :P

We dont loose quite often to England....6 yrs since we did last :P

Either it wud rain or we would save :P

Anil Singh said...

Sehwag is a talent, no second thoughts.India's win chances 6/10

Anonymous said...

Crazy as Krazy Kreja... the big question is the likes of Dravid and Tendlya have the same enthusiasm to force a win.

I guess not buhhhhahhhhahahah.

Viru and gambhir still remains the only reason why India can compete at this level.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, at least five guys in the team share the energy of this post - MSD, Viru, GG, Ishant, Zaks.
Their energy is backed by ability.

Then there's the energy of SRT, Yuvi, Bhajji, backed by more energy.

Then the ability of VVS, Mishra isolated energy.

Then RD, isolated ability and energy.

Q said...

Game totally on SP! I called an Indian win on Leela's way earlier in the day..

Q said...

Bisht, I would give them more than that.

Q said...

Scorps, what say Sachin leads the way tomorrow?

Q said...

Aptly put NC!

Q said...

2 comments and 24 hrs ago, I called Sachin to lead the way right here on BCC! :-)

avik said...

All hail Q, 'The New Oracle'... :)

Q said...

Cheers Avik!