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BAW Mendis! HAW Mendis!

by Gaurav Sethi

Mendis, like most good Lankans has many first names.

They’re then stitched together. And form a rather formidable list of initials.

Mendis’ is BAW. BAW Mendis.

The batsmen say HAW Mendis!

Any ODI vs. Lanka has twin interests: Is Sanath back? Where’s Mendis?

Mendis bowled as late as the 19th over. What next, after the teen overs.

His second ball did Matsikenyeri in.

His second wicket took him to 50. With his third, his ODI stats are:

Matches 19 - Wickets 51 – Average 9.82

A tiny tune for Mendis:

BAW Mendis! HAW Mendis!
I’m not gonna play Mendis!

With time, this tune will grow. As will the legend.


sraghuna said...

Some men is dis,
Other men are dat,
Mendis bowls in line,
Batsmen go KERSPLATT!

Gaurav Sethi said...

mendis would BAW to that

Q said...

How old is Sanath anyway?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, Sanath turns 40 this June. His fitness, like Lara's, is way better than the avg cricketer his age. To retire from tests, and play on in ODIs+IPL was one smart ploy. Mumbai Inds rocked becoz of him.

Q said...

Dont remember many other recent cricketers play international at 40.. Remember Gooch as the last recent one.. anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Baa-aa-aa-w Mendis. Hee-haw Mendis.

Actually those initials sound sinister like some evil spy intelligence group. Doesn't help that he is in the army.

Q, Sanath should be 82 this june.

Anonymous said...

Eddo Brandes... Zimbabwe... think he went into the 40s in his career and so was one of their spinners... can't get it exactly...tricos or something.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Scorpi, Traicos. He had more lines on his face than on his hand.

Played his last test when he abt 46

chk picture. He's abt 61 now. And looks younger than he ever did in his playing years.

Something like the 'Curious case of Benjamin Button'

Q said...

John Traicos, I remember him.. i think he also played for South Africa before the apartheid...

Reckon we'll see 42 year old Sanath in the 2011 WC?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q, yes. no other reason for him to play. he's fit, he's in the form of his life, he's dangerous. and he's retired from tests.

can't believe the freedom he plays with - esp when you think of the one-man army pressure on him. a zen master.