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The Bored Brothers (a new series)

by Gaurav Sethi

Bored Cricket Crazy is one one big Bored Room.

In it 15 Bored Members play. In it many invited and unvited Bored Guests also play.

Together, they celebrate players' Happy Bored Days. Bored people also comment here.

There is also at the bottom of the Bored Chain, the Bored Peon. Btw, did you know what Bored Peon's brighter brother is called? -

Bored Peon's brighter brother is called Bored Neon.

Together, they make the Bored Brothers. Yawn.

Look up, and you'll know what they look like. But what are they looking at?

Someone just threw a few balls at them. Their reactions:

Bored Peon: Duck! Balls!
Bored Neon: Catch Balls!


straight point said...

...and bored peon really caught (his) balls... ;-D

series with great potential nc!

Gaurav Sethi said...

SP, don't say, in cricket potential is a dangerous word.

Unknown said...

hey NC looks like the bored brother's are having a balls!! looking forward to the series.

sraghuna said...

they're siamese twins with a bad case of hydrocele!