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For Sydney

by Gaurav Sethi

Even though both Smith and I didn’t see Sydney through, we’d already had closure.

I had to leave Sydney four overs before close. Smith spared less.

Not that it mattered.

When Steyn fell, and Smith walked in, Sydney, at least for me, was purged of its previous misdemeanours.

Some of its cricketing soul had returned.

Walking down the ramp, in company, never before had Smith seemed so aloof, apart, awesome. Almost a higher being, from another era. Bradmanesque.

We knew the injuries, we couldn’t see them. That added to the aura.

The Aurora Borealis of cricket.

Thank you, Graeme. Shine on.


Q said...

Seriously.. wat a moment!

Anonymous said...

BTW what were his injuries.

YellowMonkey said...

Broken left hand in the small finger region, Tennis elbow on right

Took off his cast to play.

Som said...

Aurora Borealis indeed. Nothing sums up Smith better.

straight point said...

he not only walked into sydney pitch but straight into many hearts...

sraghuna said...

Absolutely & it is a good thing that he got injected with his own blood ... no chance of any 'l'aussie contamination! Also just to pick a few nits this shining beacon of cricketing would be the Aurora Australis, what with him being located in the Southern Hemisphere when he shone so brightly!

Anonymous said...

Graeme was superb!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Cheers Yellowmonkey!

Bang on Sraghuna.

Sam, Kilo Graeme.