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Has it been that long already?

by Gaurav Sethi

The ICC has been around. When they aren’t going round in circles, they’re adding the years.

2009 is 100 years. In ICC lingo this is the centenary year.

It’s been quiet after the random world teams were dished out, so the ICC cooked up another gourmet list.

They call it the ‘Hall of Fame’. But you will make it the ‘Hall of Blame’.

Only 3 Indians, 3 Pakis, 2 SAFs, 1 Kiwi, no Lankans, no Banglas, and no flying Dutchmen either.

There are 55 players. Had there been 555, you could have smoked ‘em.

Indians: Bish Bedi, Sunny Gavaskar, Kapil Dev.

Pakis: Hanif Mohammed, Imran Khan, Miandad

SAF: Barry Richards, Graeme Pollock

Kiwi: Hadlee

There are 22 Poms, 13 West Indians, 11 Aussies.

Catch the Spirit or lack of here.

By Naked Cricket


Anonymous said...

we want Anil, Sachin and Rahul in the hall of fame too

Anonymous said...

BTW can i be part of contributors to this fun blog ?

Gaurav Sethi said...

sam, pls mail me. cheers.

btw selection criteria etc here

'During the ICC Centenary, past legends of the game will be honoured by the establishment of the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame.'