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Hayden's exit makes oz like the rest of us

by Bored Guest

by Mohit Tubby Varma (MTV)

Besides the impressive statistics, Hayden was also part of a very potent Aussie test cricket demolition unit. This unit made up of Langer, Ponting, Gilchrist and Hayden himself lifted the Oz batting order a notch above the other sides. The four of them scored big and fast, effectively batting the opposition out of the match. Now with three of the fab four gone, Australia's ability to score fast in a test match - a major reason for their dominance over other sides - is dented. Ponting can still dominate the opposition bowling; but without the three gentleman mentioned above, no longer can Australia crush a bowling side like they used to.

Ricky Ponting is now captaining a side that in both the bowling and batting department is beginning to look a lot like the other sides in the world. In fact, India with Virender Sehwag and South Africa with Graeme Smith, now have the opening batsmen who can do to the Australian bowling, what Aussies batsmen at one time did to bowlers around the world - demolish, demolish, demolish.

In the bowling department as well, India, England and South Africa now have more well rounded bowling attacks, with options in both seam and spin. Australia no longer towers over all the sides in world cricket, because the players who made them tower above everybody else are not going to be replaced easily.

Through some aggressive captaincy, and great players, India and South Africa, successfully pulled themselves up to the bar that had been raised by the Aussies. Dhoni and Smith can relax now. Ponting's Aussies aren't raising the bar anymore. India and South Africa by chasing big totals successfully in the fourth innings are the teams that are now defining the way Test Cricket is played.

It's no wonder that Ponting is so sad about Hayden's retirement. In Hayden he lost a player who could not only win a game, but define the game as well. Goodbye Haydos, the game will miss you, and there's a void in Bhajji's life as well.


Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on bored MTV.
Good for Bhajji, he still has Ricky around. And he shouldn't lose that number.

Soulberry said...

While that's true - the sudden exit of established players affecting balance and performance - it is a relative thing.

The new players are bound to gain in experience and trouble opponents in their own style and manner.

So, it is up to the rest of the world to make sure they keep their standards high and delay the settling in process for Australia for as long as possible.

For it is time cricket was yanked out from down under and spread out as a truly global game.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Yanked out indeed, sb. A noble thought.

Q said...

Good one MTV. Welcome on bored.

NC - with Hayden gone, it leaves HA-HA as only HA.


As for Ind and SA defining the way test cricket is played - I believe the Aussies defined it over the last decade. India and SA have picked it up in recent times.