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Hey, I want in too!

by Bored Member

By Q

David Shepherd has been standing on one leg since the 111 players for the IPL auction were recently announced. On last news he was pleading for a 112th player to be added.

I'm not doing any such thing, but since that list was made public I've been thinking what the hell?

So let me get this straight again. We've got 8 franchises. Each with a restriction of 10 international players per squad. Each with a restriction of $2 million each to spend at the upcoming auction. Each with already atleast 8 internationals in their squad.


Yep, I thought so.

So then, each franchise can buy at the most 2 players each. That makes it a maximum of 16.

The maths is right so far I think.

What the hell then are 111 players doing on the list for the auction?

95 or more of them are not going to be bought by any franchise.

So are they going to earn their base price as it happened with Mohammad Yousuf and Ashwell Prince when they weren't picked up by anyone last season?

That's neat. Such an easy pay check of a few 100 thousand dollars.

Hey, include me in the auction list too, I want to play in the IPL. Sure you don't know me, nor have you heard of me, but who says you have to buy me?

Guess what - you don't! I just want to be on the list to make that minimum pay check category!

And it'll get poor old David Shepherd off that one leg as well!


straight point said...

i liked your bid to let david shepherd relax with both feet firmly on ground... :)

Thiru Cumaran said...

I was wondering the very same precise thing! I mean, how cool is it to get a paycheck for no work at all? Ashwell got 300000 for no work, while ricky ponting got less and even got his rep tainted!

If you could possibly get me in too, I wouldn't mind $30000 (enough to get me a Harley!)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Inspired Boredom Q. You bag the bored boy award for the morning session.

With all those Hops could've opened a brewery

Q said...

It was very late night session NC ;-)

SP, get me a contract!

Cricket Tragic - As soon as i'm in, ure next!

Anonymous said...

There will be quite a few replacements also.

sraghuna said...

while David Sheperd balances precariously on 'third leg' Knopfler wails in the background ..."I want my IPL, Get your money for nothing & your chicks for free"!