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KP’s swan cum eagle song

by Gaurav Sethi

You play well against yourself
You play well against your Pa
You play well against South Africa
You play well against Britannia
You play well against Mama Mia!

You’re from Africa
But they don’t want you
Who the hell are you?
An Englishman or a Jew?
Get out, or we’ll sue! Sue, sue, sue

You get out, out, out!
You get a break
For heaven’s sake
You become big, you rake

You become captain
You become a pain
You gain, you feign
You lose your mind, become insane

Want more, you want more
Want Moores out, want Moores out
You have your way, have your shout
Get ready for one last rout
Drink your ale, drink your stout
Must’ve been drunk
You’ll soon be shrunk
From Big Pom Pietersen
To li’l kid Kevin
Nearly dead, closer to heaven

That’s what they’re saying
That’s what they’re praying
To hell with them
To hell with them

There ain’t no rhyme
There ain’t no reason
You’re a lad
For every commercial season.


straight point said...

i think in long term it will help eng...coz he was getting too big for his shoes as well as mouth...daily attention from media will help him focus his game bit more...

according to latest news he even wanted flower to go...i think more than moores this proved the last nail on his captaincy coffin... :)

Som said...

It could not get worse for England. Try and imagine Strauss leading them to Ashes triumph, their Holy Grail, and it's pure cricketing hallucination. Kevin 'my-way-or-highway" Pietersen should have been thrashed behind bolted door and still persisted with. Now reports claim KP tried to de-Flower the team, I mean tried to get rid of Andy Flower, the same guy who is tipped to be the stand-in coach in Windies. A holy mess, indeed.