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SHAK is Numero Uno!

by Bored Member

By Q

Call him our very own, call him our favorite son, call him our hero, call him our favorite minnow player, call him our favorite cricketer, call him BCC!'s Shak.

That is Shakib Al Hasan.

Bangladesh's favorite son.

We at BCC! rate him very highly and have so for a long time now.

Now the ICC have caught up with us as well.

His latest 3 wicket, unbeaten 30 odd, match and series winning performance has taken him to the top of ICC's ODI Allrounder Rankings.

Ahead of Andrew Flintoff, ahead of Jacques Kallis, ahead of Shoaib Malik, ahead of Chris Gayle, ahead of Sanath Jayasuriya, ahead of Yuvraj Singh, ahead of Paul Collingwood, ahead of Shahid Afridi.

Those are a lot of big names he's ahead of.

And he definitely deserves to be.

That's our Shak!


Gaurav Sethi said...

SHAK! Bring on the SHAKKING!

Anonymous said...

ICC - Incompetent Cricket Clowns. More proof - ranking Shakib ahead of Flintoff, kallis, etc.

straight point said...
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straight point said...


Kinka said...

SHAK starts Shaking the opponents...

Anonymous said...

lets see how shakib plays against stronger teams like Aus, SA or of course the strongest of all -- India :)

quite agree with anony bhai here

Sach said...

To Anon:
Flintoff is probably the most overrated cricketer in the history of cricket.
Yes he's good with the bat, bowls his heart out, but what has he done to be ranked among the best all-rounders of all time?

Just one Ashes win?
And the guy is injured half the year, or even more.

Gee... I think Shakib is a better player, at least at the moment.

Q said...

Sam - Shak had the South Africans by the scruff of their necks last year... missed it?

Unknown said...

To add on what Q just said - Shakib did that with to SA in SA ...

Current performance wise he is in better form that Kallis and Jayasuria. Career wise is he better than them .. not even close to legends that Jayasuria and Kallis are.

Shakib has made all Bangladeshis proud (like me) and it is everybody's hope (including the author of the blog I believe) that after shakib has played 200+ ODI matches - we can put him in the list all time great all rounders.