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A sub-continental drift: who will be the 503rd?

by bored peon

A Sri Lankan politely enquired about Murali beating Wasim Bhai.

He asked, as if in a daydream, who will be the 503rd?

The Indians were offended. The Lankans fended. The Pakis silenced (even though Wasim Bhai was to be beaten). The Banglas were at Shakib’s penthouse. Other Asian cricket bloggers were yet to be invented.

Mendis crept into the skirmishes like a stray ball gone defective.

None of this was called for. And that’s why it was so sweet.

Btw Murali has two names, one's Muralitharan, doosra Muralidaran. Why? So how many names does Mendis have? Experts say, you'll have to read the answer off his hand or off the pitch. Or ask Sehwag. But be warned, Sehwag will call a press conference, and thank SRT and SMG for his God given ability.


straight point said...

i liked sam's 'baw wow' if only he doesn't feel offended to really come 'biting' next match... :)

Anonymous said...

Murali s got one more :Chuckalidharan :)