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What now?

by Gaurav Sethi

The telltale signs are there, cricket’s coming on to me real strong. Yesterday it was Mandira Bedi at shoe shop, day before Pradeep Magazine on papaya, before that the Greg Chappell Foundation cricket match, and before that the drum roll of a ball.

Then today at Dilli Haat at the undivided J&K stall, I look ahead, surely that’s Gulu Ezekiel. Later as he walked past I confirmed his Guluness. We talked cricket, about the Bored, and Comic characters (not cricketers). I did not have his latest book on MS Dhoni, else I would’ve had him write, ‘for the Bored Cricket Crazy Indians.’ And that would have spawned a Bored Library. Next time you bored so and so.

by Naked Cricket


Anonymous said...

Going by your amazing consistency, I think next you'll bump into Lara Bingle at Chadni Chowk's Paranthewala Gali.

straight point said...

or me too... :)

sraghuna said...

you're really getting about town aren't you ... who's next ... Harsha @ the Maharashtra stall? The true test of Mr Ezekiel's 'glue'ness would be in how he stuck in your mind!!!