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Will there be any tears for Ponting:

by Bored Guest

Australia has a major complication - Ricky Ponting.

His record as captain is worrying. Australia lost the series to India, lost the test series to SA, won the T 20, but again lost the ODI series. And SA were without their skipper Graeme Smith. It's just not coming together for the Aussies. And a very important element in the success of any team - leadership - is missing.

But then there's Ponting the batsman. In both Tests and ODIs he's still among the Top 5 batsman in the world, and on his day he's the best. He's been among the runs consistently, and he still scores his runs very fast. Undoubtedly, among the best.

So who's more important for the Aussies - Ricky the skipper, or Ricky at one down.

In the not so recent past, Ponting has seen a very important partnership fail - the partnership between him as a captain and as the team's best batsman. It's a vital partnership for the success of his side. Doesn't seem to be clicking anymore.

So who's more important - Captain Punter or Punter the batsman.

Australia is overhauling its entire side at the moment. Leadership is a very vital input.There are some very talented individuals coming into the side, but the Aussies need matchwinners. Matchwinners don't develop in the absences of confident and competent leaders. Both traits are not being displayed by Ponting. It's the right time to hand the reins to Michael Clark. The veterans with the exception of Ponting are gone, so a new captain will not have to deal with the baggage of senior elements.

Fans and Australia will miss Ponting's batting. But the leadership has been missing so long, I doubt anyone will miss his captaincy. The Baggy Green is not sitting lightly on the head of the skipper. He will do justice to his side by making way for another captain, and another batsman.

After Australia's dismal performance, and so many controversies in his career, there will be admiration, but will there be any tears for Ricky Ponting.

by Mohit Varma


sraghuna said...

PRicky as skippy,
Very Lippy.
PRicky with bat,
What a prat!

straight point said...

not even he will be shedding tears MTV...he and oz both have become stale...

i think deep inside he will feel relived...

Gaurav Sethi said...

MTV, in key moments on the ind tour, none of the rookies came off. just when they'd set the game nicely, they'd fall apart. It was as if heir careers were hanging by a thread, so no risks, no playmakers, not even Ponting. Obvious crisis of confidence, and it was tattooed all over their not so smug faces.

Unknown said...

ya NC crisis of confidence is right .. at one time it was over confidence it's confidence over