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Bangladesh for $600,000

by Gaurav Sethi

Cheap? Kolkota Knight Riders just picked Mashrafe Mortaza for 600K.

It's all down to yr POV. How far is Kolkota from Dacca? Round the corner, first left, second right, no check posts, you're in.

Kolkota wasn't just buying Mortaza. They were picking the love, hugs, heartbeats and backing of their Bangla neighbours. With Mortaza in, all of B'desh will be behind one player, one team. Not that they weren't already.

Now Mortaza will be Dada's boy. And if he runs into some of that old India bashing form, it'll be two for the price of one.


Sunny Naradmuni said...

Nokia-Seimens is in a big way in Bangladesh, maybe that has something to do with it!Nokia is one of the main sponsors of Shah Rukh team.

straight point said...

must say very good observation NC!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Sunny, entirely possible. Can see nokia signing up Mortaza, he's the only bangla player higher than 5ft. nokia's poster boy for 600k. doesn't hurt he can play, and spks bangla.

cheers SP.

Anonymous said...

lol NC, "he's the only bangla player higher than 5ft"

$600k... I wonder how Steyn ($325k last year) feels. Someone from Bangladesh has got a paid holiday for more!

Gaurav Sethi said...

A, 5ft is an exaggeration. 4ft is accurate.
Doubt Steyn feels.

Gaurav Sethi said...

"It makes great sense for Kolkata," Lalit Modi, the IPL chairman, said. "Bangladesh falls under Kolkata's catchment area as per a new proposal we are discussing on letting franchises stage matches overseas. This could work well for the KKR later," he said.

Anil Singh said...

I agree with you SP, Murtaza is definitely a good buy. But I still doubt that of KP by Mr Mallya.

sraghuna said...

Let's just hope that apart from the commercial aspects of this deal both from a geography as well as eyeball grabbing perspective, this pint sized Bangla buy does end up giving the audiences More Taaza Mashing of the opposition leaving them 'rafe'ing about the KKR's!