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The blood of an Englishman.

by Gaurav Sethi

Somebody had to pay for Australia’s dismal summer. Who better than a smug Englishman who worships the ground beneath Ricky’s feet.

March Nicholas has to go. Question is not why him, question is what took them so long?

Watching the Aussies go down all summer was painful, especially when you had Mark Nicholas waxing eloquent like he was at Sotheby’s auctioning antique lingerie.

Mark, at best of times, was rough on the ears.

Once the Aussies started slipping, his warped empathy touched pukish proportions. Providing solace where none existed.

He was a loner – squeezed between guys from vastly different backgrounds, accents, drinking habits, hairstyles.

Just picture Bill Lawry, Mark Taylor, little boy Slater, and Mark Nicholas together on a picnic.

Next, pick the odd one out.

Didn’t help Mark’s cause that Gilchrist and Warne joined the picnic. Mark Nicholas’ seedy voice started to stick out more.

Btw neither Mark Nicholas nor Richie Benaud were available for comment.

(the basis of this story is an old link; however, we're glad to spread cheer in the cricket world, if only for a few moments)


Anonymous said...

Quite brilliant NC :D

Unknown said...

Ya NC, not sad to hear about Mark go at all, Ponting may miss him though

Gaurav Sethi said...

Cheers A.

Indeed Mohit.