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Brothers in Arms

by Bored Guest

by Mohit Varma

India were in Dire Straits until they had the Brothers in Arms. The partnership between Yusuf and Irfan was a great display of the thrills of T 20, as well as the evolution of the Indian side.

T 20 is truly a game of chances, and India has the players that will take their chances. It was a team victory yesterday, and this is the great thing about the current Indian side. It's no longer dependent on individuals. Even after the early departure of Sehwag and Gambhir, the team did not stop chasing the win. Yuvraj, Raina and the Pathan brothers went for the chase.

There's an important reason that India is doing well in the T 20. If you look at the batting and bowling departments, in the T 20 team yesterday there were 8 all rounders among 11 players. Raina, Sharma and Gambhir are the only specialists. It won't be surprising if the skipper tries to achieve the same in the 50 over format. The shorter versions of the game suit all rounders. It may be a reason why Dhoni has broght Irfan back to the one day side.

To end on a note fantastical: Will the Indian T 20 side eventually be 11 all rounders?

P.S. Whatever happens to Mahela and Sangakarra


Gaurav Sethi said...

M, Irfan is MSD's go-to guy in t20. has been (a hasbeen too) but ever since the t20 wc, he has MSD's approval. gets him the odd odi, bowls some odd stuff - but this guys true calling is of a middle order batting allrounder. right now, only in t20s, and the odd odi.

Sharma is a specialist punk.

Unknown said...

yo NC just to think of the time when Irfan was being touted as the next Kapil Dev and shuffled all over the place by Guru Greg. It's good to see Irfan in a more stable position now atleast in the T 20 and odd ODI

Q said...

Raina and Sharma were utilized as bowlers in the ODI series, so really there was only 1 specialist - Gambhir.

sraghuna said...

These bros were running on 'Heavy Fuel' & definitely earned their 'money/chicks' ... team India have earned the monicker of the 'Sultans of Swing' & their 'latest trick' just goes to prove that 'the man's too strong'!

Anil Singh said...

Mohit, both the brothers show resolve, that's the best trait for any cricketer.
That apart, the winning record of the previous matches changes the mindset of the entire team. And it's like a streak, try to extend it as long as possible.