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England wastes a day's play.

by Gaurav Sethi

When you reconnect with cricket at 3.20 am, what do you want? You want England on its knees, not for a knighthood, but a Night Shyamalan spooky. You can overlook a wasted day’s play, you can even overlook missing the Live telecast that was a dead telecast.

That’s what highlights are for, to watch the lowlifes go down. And that’s where KP comes in. He can’t save England, he can’t save the Royal Challengers, but he will somehow save himself.

Somewhere Australia will feel smug about the Ashes, and they may even forget about that Sunday ODI. Surely not another day of rest for the Aussies.


Soulberry said...

Just shows that it takes a team to win rather than one guy...end everyone always went hard at Tendy's jugular so!

Gaurav Sethi said...

sb, even tho KP's much more than many batsmen put together, he just doesn't come together as a guy. def not a team guy. times he may pull it off on his own, but do teams want guys like kp or klusener?