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The fifth day of the Aus-NZ one day series test match

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

Going into the fifth ODI feels more like the fifth day of a test.

Kiwis took the first two days, Aussies the next two, and if you go by recent memory, the last day should go SAF’s way or India’s way or Carlito’s way.

Who knows, even Kiwi’s way. But it seems less likely now. Unless some Good Samaritan ties the Aussies to their beds and plays 5th day fare from Mohali. On rerun obviously.

Be a smart ploy to knot Haddin up, with his hands in front, and show him his 5th morn’ dismissal in Mohali. On rerun obviously. For good measure, his eyes should be kept from closing (refer Clockwork Orange)

Haddin will be a key player. Not only is he leading from the front with his gloves, he also got that 100 right on top.

Trouble is Haddin was meant to open all along. But because of a freak accounting error, the machines slotted Hayden there, and not Haddin.

The machines cheated Haddin of his chance. And that made him put country before gloves. Then some specky called him all sorts of stuff.

NZL to win: Play Patel. Oz to win: Do not play Patel.

Other lesser factors: For NZL: Sledge Ricky, Haddin and generally talk about Roy. Attack with spin.

For Oz: Use Hopes and Haddin as key players. Also anybody else whose name starts with ‘H’ will be vital, that makes two Husseys and one Hilfenhaus (not from Harry Potter)

Be good for Oz if Pup doesn’t play. It’s time for Punter to express himself fully, and grow into the role of captaincy. It’s been a long time, and I believe, his time has come.

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