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Irfan playing French Cricket

by Bored Guest

by Mohit Varma

What is Irfan banging when it's not the cricket ball? Well some friends of friends one of whom is dating a french diplomat has the answer. He bumped into Irfan at a party thrown by the French diplomat, where Irfan was with his French girlfriend.

Pathan expressed his unhappiness at the publicity that surrounds cricketers, saying that they hardly have any privacy. And even when they have privacy some friends of friends of a very bored mohit discover Pathan's lady love. But you have to agree with Pathan, it's tough being a cricketer in India.


Gaurav Sethi said...

And Yousuf is gng Dutch.
btw is this seriously bored or bored bored talk

Unknown said...

Hi NC it's bored broad talk

sraghuna said...

Slam Bam Merci Madame ... last heard it's a long distance relationship & their only means of communication is through French Letters!