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Karachi Halwa.

by Gaurav Sethi

Ok, here’s the recipe for Karachi Halwa. Or you could be a batsman at the National Stadium having your just desserts.

Anyone who has watched all three days so far deserves a medal, or a pudding – that would be the commentators, players, security, and of course, Chacha, the most demonstrative fan of Pak cricket.

Ideally, for a report on this test, Chacha would be a good bet. Imagine, enthusiasm where none exists. Sweet.


Anonymous said...

Why is this test match boring?

Gaurav Sethi said...

which idiot prepared this pitch?

Q said...

Apart from the 4 hrs on the 2nd day when I was on a plane from Dubai to Karachi, I have watched every single delivery of the test :-)

Its not so boring when ur a Paki watching ur team play after 14 months and that too when they're trying to save a game whil facing Murali and Mendis..

That doesn't take away the fact that the pitch is a totally dead one..

I still say it would have been a very different game had Mahela not been dropped in 43. It was a sitter.